A Report for You

What God is accomplishing through EveryStudent.com

Here is a short report, showing you what God is doing through EveryStudent.com.

EveryStudent.com is now in 45 languages. You can see them all here:

This shows how many people have been reached each year – how many have visited the EveryStudent.com sites. (I’m going to round to the hundreds.)

Year     # people
2002     342,500
2005     4,603,800
2010     5,595,800
2014     18,901,200
2016     24,202,700

The more people who come to the site, the more people who tell us they have asked Jesus into their lives while there.

In 2002, an average of 14 new believers each day.
In 2005, it grew to 153 people each day.
In 2010, it became 222 people.
In 2014, it was an average of 688 people each day.
In 2016, it was more than 900 people each day.
In 2018, an average of 1,397 each day.

Praise God for drawing people to himself!! He is the only one who makes the blind see, the lost become found. We offer EveryStudent.com, and God is speaking to many who go to it.

Thank you for your efforts in sharing EveryStudent.com with others in conversations.

And as you share article and video links in your social media, it increases the times Google shows EveryStudent.com to others. When EveryStudent.com is being shared in social media, Google deems it worthy to encourage others to go to it.

We have prepared posts you can use in Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. Here you go:

Let’s sow broadly. See what God does!

Marilyn Adamson
director of StartingwithGod.com
EveryStudent.com, EveryPerson.com, EveryStudent.info