Fast + Slow Strategy

A fun way to possibly help hundreds of people find God.

I have a fun strategy for you that will require a few friends and some faith.

Think of all the various ways that Jesus healed people. He never did the same thing twice.

Once he spit on someone’s eyes. Another person was healed by just touching the bottom fringe of Jesus’ clothing.

Several times he waited until the people died before he healed them. But even then it was different. With Lazarus, he called him out of a tomb after four days. But with a girl, with people wailing outside, he went into her room and healed her. And a third person was someone he stopped in the street on the way to his burial!

Jesus did the unusual. I love the variety. No one could find a pattern and try to imitate it. No formula. Nothing fake.

I have a challenge for you that is not too strange. But it will take commitment.

You print out this flier (it can be black and white):

Then you get 2 or 3 friends and go to a crowded place. It can be a city sidewalk, or park, or shopping mall parking lot, etc. You do this separately, but in visual range of each other.

You quickly begin handing out this flier to people saying…

“We want to help people know about this website. I’m wondering if any of these topics interest you?” You hand them the flier to keep, and wait for their reply.

If they don’t want to talk, you keep going, handing it other to others. Go FAST.

When people see several of you handing something out, people get curious and hope that you’ll offer them one…even if they don’t know what it is.

If someone wants to talk, then go SLOW and talk with them.

Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit, asking him to lead you to people who might be searching to know him!

If it seems that there is an open door to share the gospel with them, take them to this page:

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