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Isis and evil

How terrorist groups are causing Muslims to question Islam.

God works through the weak

Nick Vujicic talks about God’s love from a very unique perspective.

Why read God’s Word

What we gain from reading the Bible.

Processing things with God

Here’s how God can speak to you and help you see your life’s challenges in their proper light.

5 Questions Bible study

Here’s a simple Bible study approach that can be used with any section of Scripture.

Why I Love the Book of Job

The Book of Job shows us something remarkable about our relationship with God.

Influencing Other Christians

Many Christians are still trying to minister to others in traditional ways that are not working…

How God Resets Us

When our thinking is skewed, in error, and we’ve veered away from God’s ways, here is how God resets us…

A Free eBook for You!

How you, your church, or your Christian organization could reach more people, and disciple others more immediately, with less effort…

How God Views Humans

The reason God’s love sent Jesus to the world, is because this is how God views humans…

My “Ah-Ha” Moment

Are we helping people in a way that they want to be helped? Here’s how to stay current in our digital culture…

God Our Rock

In the midst of today’s challenges, God invites us to not worry, but instead trust him. See how…

Resources for You!

There are likely people in your life right now who could be helped by one of these…

Our Sympathetic High Priest

Jesus is far more gracious than we will ever deserve. See what this says about God’s faithfulness to us…

Try a Flier!

This is a very simple way to reach many people. Especially good to do with a few friends.

Being Vulnerable with Nonbelievers

To help other people know God, we need to be honest about what God has actually done in our lives…

Reach 1000s for FREE

Here’s a simple and polite way to share the gospel broadly. Could be exciting for you!

How Jesus Responds to People

There is a pattern, a clear reason why Jesus behaved as he did with individuals…

Use a Website?

How a website opens new doors of conversations about God.

A Fun Way to Study the Bible

Looking for a simple, motivating way to read the Bible, wanting God to speak to you? Here you go…

Loved by God

It’s important to know that God loves you, and why he does. See what the Bible says about God’s great love for us…

Following God’s Lead

God will give us direction in our lives if we ask him and trust him. Here’s a personal example of how clearly God can guide…