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#5 – The Value of Other Believers


Have you ever spent time with a marathon runner? (Maybe you’re one!) Did you ever know a serious runner who didn’t train with other runners?

Rarely happens. Why?

They need the motivation. Accountability. They need someone who expects them to show up at 5:30 in the morning. Someone they can run with, who will challenge their speed and distance.

Guess what? We need others around us who know Jesus. Who want God to influence their lives.

In case you’re thinking I’m about to advocate “sign up with X group” – that’s not going to happen. I’m talking about the value of being around ANYONE who believes in Jesus and seeks to follow him.

When I first became a believer, I grew to know God through a variety of things. Let me list those for you, in priority order (what was true in my life, anyway)…

  • Time with God: reading the Bible and talking to him.

I was always asking God questions. “Could you explain…” “How do you want me to trust you regarding this…” “What about this…” I would write out verses from the Bible, sometimes even write out my prayers.

I preferred doing this in chunks of time. So I scheduled time for this, just two or three times a week, where I could spend an hour or more. The other days, I would read over what I had written down, which I could do quickly.

  • Time with other believers who became close friends.

I learned a lot seeing their lives, sharing concerns, what God was teaching us, praying for each other, having fun together. I felt God’s love through them and I learned a lot about God processing life with them.

  • Bible study in someone’s home or coffee shop.

We met as a group, anywhere from 4 to 12 of us. (You can start a group, if you want, using this:

  • Conferences, church, books.

So, how do you find other believers?

You might already have a friend who has asked Jesus into his or her life. How would you know? Well, you could ask them.

You might also ask if there’s a Bible study group or church they’d recommend. There are many good ones. (There are some very weird ones out there also. Just to be honest.) Ask God to guide you. He’s able to caution you if a church or group doesn’t seem right.

If you have any questions about a particular group or church, feel free to ask us. We would also be happy to try to help you find fellowship with other believers.

Just email us here.

And, if you are a university student, I really encourage you to go to this link and send an email to find a Christian group on your campus, similar to the one I was a part of.

Next message…what does it mean to trust God? How exactly do you do that? This one is hugely important. As you trust God, you see him act in your life!

Marilyn Adamson
director of