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Skip the Stress #1

I’m so glad you asked to receive this series.

Many believers struggle with up and down feelings. One day you feel close to God. Another day God seems distant.

You wonder if you need to be more diligent. Trying harder.


God gives us an entirely different (and refreshing) way to live out our relationship with him. I want you to see what Scripture says about how to trust God. How to abide in God’s love.

Here’s what this series of messages will cover:

  • what to do with all those commands you see
  • who is the Holy Spirit and what he does for us
  • how God changes our lives and frees us
  • what it means to live by faith
  • how to be honest about sin, yet remain free from guilt

For this very first one, I’d like you to click on this link, and read from there:

Talk to you again soon.

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Marilyn Adamson
director of

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