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Skip the Stress #4


Everyone would like to have an approach to life that works. Always. In every situation.

I mean, wouldn’t it be nice to know that you can handle anything that life throws at you? Not because you’re capable.

But because of what you *know*.

That’s what I’m hoping to give you today. Knowing this will not make your life problem-free. Life can be chaotic and stressful.

But you will know how to deal with it.

I remember how thankful I was to understand this when I was dealing with one of the most difficult circumstances in my life.

At four months of pregnancy I was warned by my doctor that there were problems. At nine months, I delivered a girl, still born. Ok, that’s not to make you feel bad.

Here’s why I’m telling you.

I knew by then how to trust God in my life, (what I’m about to give you). Because of that, though I experienced sadness, I had a peace throughout the pregnancy and after. I never struggled with anger, turmoil, or resentment.

It wasn’t because I was being stoic. Or in denial.

It’s because I had developed a habit by then, of taking God at his word. This advice is worth its weight in gold.

Here it is for you to see:

I could give you countless examples of how helpful this has been in my life. And I bet it will be for you also!

Next email will be on how to get free from feelings of guilt.

Talk to you soon,

Marilyn Adamson
director of