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“The Findables”

When we were lost, blind, dead in our sins… Jesus found us!

And now we want to help make Jesus “findable” to others.

This Is Your Invitation to Join “The Findables”

The series is for those who want to see God use their lives in larger ways… to possibly have an impact in the lives of thousands, maybe millions of people.

This free, on-going email series, will come to you directly from me, Marilyn Adamson. And, like every other series, you can unsubscribe, at any time, from any email.

In “The Findables” series I hope to:

  • encourage you in your relationship with God.
  • motivate you to see how God can work through your life in significant ways in the lives of others.
  • give you concrete ways you can help others know Jesus and/or build believers in their faith.
  • share with you what I get to see God accomplish throughout the world…nearly every week…through (Honestly, just this point would be worth it to you-people whom I’ve sent these reports to absolutely love them.)
  • I will let you in on the big picture of “Peek under the hood” as they say. Know about the 40+ languages that is in, and let you know some very cool insider details of what I get to see God do, on a regular basis. This will be very candid and I am trusting you with this information.
  • Warning: For this particular series, I’m going to need a commitment from you. Usually I don’t ask anything of you. This time I am. I’m going to challenge you into major faith steps, to do things where you’ll need to rely on God.

If you are willing to be involved, I would love for you to join this community of “The Findables.”

Please fill in your name and email address below. And click “Sign me up!”
(You will always have the opportunity to unsubscribe if you no longer want to be a part.)


 I want to be one of…

“The Findables”

The first email will arrive right away. Please check your junk mailbox if you don’t see it appear within a few minutes.

Thanks for wanting to be part of “The Findables.”

Marilyn Adamson

director of

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