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I hope that StartingwithGod.com is serving you well, helping you grow in your relationship with God.

As you may know, we have another site for people around the world who do not yet know Jesus. It’s called EveryStudent.com and is in 49 languages.

Just within last year, nearly 60 million people who were searching for answers for their lives, searching to know God, came to EveryStudent.com sites, in their language.

And of those, 907,000 people told us they asked Jesus into their lives while on the site. (That’s more than 2,400 new believers every day.)

Some people find out about EveryStudent.com through word-of-mouth. Maybe you’ve encouraged people to visit the site--friends, family members, coworkers, or just people you meet.

However most people throughout the world find the site through Google…even in Egypt, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Vietnam…places where people can’t freely talk about Jesus.

The Search for God Starts at Google

We’re using Google advertising in a dozen languages to reach people around the world.

We are seeing people from all over the world come to the sites for less than $0.04 per person.

And people are coming to Christ for less than $3.00 per person.

That means every $100 given leads to 2,500 people reached, and likely 33 people coming to Christ.

You might have come to Christ through EveryStudent.com or grown in your relationship with him through StartingwithGod.com. Would you like to help others hear the gospel, find out what God is offering them?

We’re in need of funding. Nearly all of what you give goes directly to Google advertising, to reach millions of more people. This is your opportunity to reach thousands of people around the world.

Your donation is tax deductible. Cru is a 501c3.

Click “Donate Now” to give by credit card to our secure area on Cru.org.

Or mail a check, payable to Cru, to:
EveryStudent.com - 2787935
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