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Skip the Stress

This series is to help you see God's love, his kindness, and how he wants you to rely on him.

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It's easy for Christians to eventually feel that they must be the perfect Christian. Maybe you think you should be doing more, avoid sin more, do things for God? Not long after beginning a relationship with God, I started to feel a lot of pressure.

I saw commands in Scripture that I wasn’t living up to…”Love your enemies, be holy as I am holy, forgive one another, be patient,” and much more.

On top of that, the Bible was describing certain behaviors as wrong, that I had never viewed that way.

I thought, “Wow. It was much easier being an atheist!”

How about you? Do you sometimes feel that you have to be a perfect Christian?

Many Christians feel guilty, sometimes distant from God because of their struggle with sin. In honesty, they feel like they’re really disappointing God.

What’s the solution? Try harder. Be more diligent.


God tells us an entirely different way to relate with him.

This is so important to understand. Nothing has increased my love for God more than realizing what God says about our relationship with him and what he expects of us.

I put together a series of emails for you simply called, “Skip the Stress.”

Here’s what it will cover:

  • what to do with all those commands you see
  • who is the Holy Spirit and what he does for us
  • how God changes our lives and frees us
  • what it means to live by faith
  • how to be honest about sin, yet remain free from guilt

Thousands of believers have gained greater joy in their relationship with God through this.

At the bottom of each email will be a link where you can permanently discontinue any time. We respect your privacy and won’t share your email address with anyone. Ever.

I hope you sign up for this. It will lead you in Scripture, so important to understand in your relationship with Jesus.

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