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How to Talk About God

Maybe you’d love for others to know Jesus, but *how* is the tough part.

I get that. I was an atheist. And I tortured my Christian friend. Every few days I’d hit her with another question.

“Why do you believe in God? What proof do you have?” “Why not other religions?” “Not using the Bible, can you even prove that Jesus actually existed?”

We answer questions like these on (It can be a real help to you.)

Would you like to feel more confident in talking with others about God?

I’ve written a free series, “How to Talk About God.” It comes to you by email.

“How to Talk About God” gives you:

  • ways to have a comfortable, brief conversation about God
  • creative, easy ideas to use on Facebook
  • how to help others via social media
  • help in answering those difficult, spiritual questions
  • ways that you could reach an entire campus or city

Comments from people…

“I am smiling as I read this. It is awesome. Now I have some idea how I should interact with unbelievers.” ~Pearl

“This is a fantastic resource. I will be using it.” ~Bud

“For a few years now I have wanted to spread his gospel truth to others, but I couldn’t get anyone to listen, not even for a minute. (I am in the middle east.) Now with your guidelines and approach, it is a bit easier now! God has softened their hearts where they listen calmly and wanting to hear more.” ~Christine

Each email will have a link at the bottom where you can permanently discontinue any time. We respect your privacy and won’t share your email address with anyone. Ever.

Please send me “How to Talk About God”!

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