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The Spiritual Starter Kit

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“The Spiritual Starter Kit” is completely free. Each message will help you understand something very important about your new relationship with God.

Thousands of people have found it helpful.

“I am very happy to receive the truth and clear explanation for the first time in my life. Thank you for letting me have an opportunity to learn to have a relationship with God.” ~George

“Thank you for this… It has been the most enlightening and uplifting thing in my life.” ~Elizabeth

“I am new to faith and am finding your emails very encouraging and informative answering many of the questions I have swirling around. It is inspiring. Thank you.” ~Nina

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Here’s what’s you’ll receive in “The Spiritual Starter Kit”:

  • How to be sure that Jesus Christ entered your life.
  • What God did to draw you to himself.
  • What’s different about God’s love and why that matters.
  • Why your relationship with God is secured by him, not you.
  • What it means to trust God.
  • What if you sin? Does God still forgive you?
  • How to find a church, other Christians, or a Christian group on your campus.

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p.s. If you want to go through the Spiritual Starter Kit on your own, without hearing from me, you can do that here.