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How to Talk About God

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Maybe you’d love for others to know Jesus, but *how* is the tough part.

I get that. I was an atheist. And I tortured my Christian friend. Every few days I’d hit her with another question.

“Why do you believe in God? What proof do you have?” “Why not other religions?” “Not using the Bible, can you even prove that Jesus actually existed?”

We answer questions like these on (It can be a real help to you.)

Would you like to feel more confident in talking with others about God?

I’ve written a free series, “How to Talk About God.” It comes to you by email, directly from me. “How to Talk About God” gives you:

  • ways to have a comfortable, brief conversation about God
  • creative, easy ideas to use on Facebook
  • how to help others via social media
  • help in answering those difficult, spiritual questions
  • ways that you could reach an entire campus or city

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It is amazing to help others know Jesus. I hope you sign up. The first email will be in your inbox just a few minutes later. (Please check your junk mailbox – sometimes it lands there.)


Marilyn Adamson
director of

p.s. If you want to go through How to Talk About God on your own, without hearing from me, you can do that here.