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How to Deal with Evil

by Marilyn Adamson, director of EveryStudent.com and StartingwithGod.com

It’s easy to get weary reading the news. It’s not “good” news.

Media outlets and newspapers know that people pay attention to bad news more. It sells. People watch it.

However, this bad news is not made up. It’s real. Horrible things are happening to people, by people. I hesitate reviewing it with you.

Let me be brief: women and children being kidnapped to become sex slaves; people being slaughtered by ISIS, Boko Haram; people dying from contagions and other diseases; etc. That’s enough.

As believers, how do we view God in light of these atrocities?

The other day, I found myself struggling with verses about God’s kindness, descriptions of his love and care.

But really I posed the wrong question. It’s not how we view God in light of these atrocities.

It should be, how we view these atrocities in light of God? How does God tell us to view our world?

First, this article on EveryStudent.com helped set my thinking straight again:

Then I thought of Psalms 73. In verses 16 and 17, after considering the world, the wickedness, he writes,

“When I thought how to understand this, it seemed to be a wearisome task, UNTIL I went into the sanctuary of the Lord.”

He finishes: “Then I perceived their end.”

We cannot think right, view life correctly while we stand from afar. We need to go into the sanctuary of the Lord. We need to go to him and ask him to guide our thinking, correct us, show us his glory, his holiness and righteousness.

We need to realize this world is short-lived. Paul, who endured great pain and torture referred to it as a “slight, momentary affliction.”

You can only say that when you see a bigger picture, a bigger God.

Jesus is our Hope and Rock.