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Why Read God’s Word?

by Marilyn Adamson, director of EveryStudent.com and StartingwithGod.com

The subject line, “Why read God’s Word” is almost arrogant. It’s somewhat of a ridiculous question.

God, who created all things, the massive universe in which we live, the One who has existed eternally, is willing to speak to us. He is reveal his thoughts to us.

Why would we not want to listen??!

And yet, in our humanness, we are drawn to so many other things to listen to, read, watch. The people around us, the news, advertising. Then add Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.

So much pulling for our attention. Telling us what to care about. Telling us how to view life. So many voices, opinions, perspectives.

God reveals what’s true. Why read God’s Word?

To be fruitful: Psalms 1 – When we delight in God’s word, meditate on it, we draw life from it, like a tree planted by water, we prosper.

To be steady, secure: Matt 7 – When we hear Jesus’ words and do them, we are like a house built on rock, able to weather hard times and stand strong.

To be equipped for good works: 2 Tim 3:16,17 – God’s Word teaches us, rebukes and corrects us, trains us in righteousness, and thoroughly equips us for every good work.

To know the truth: John 16:12 – The Holy Spirit speaks to us through his Word, to guide us into all truth.

To intimately know God: John 16:14 – The Holy Spirit glorifies Jesus, and all that is true of Jesus he declares to us.

To give us joy: John 17:13 – To live with joy in this world, we need to listen to what Jesus says to us. His words are so we would have his joy fulfilled in us.

To sanctify us: John 17:17 – Jesus said the way we are sanctified is by his truth.

To find refuge: Psalms 18:30 and Psalms 62:1,2 – His way is perfect, he is a shield, a refuge for us, our rock and salvation, our fortress. We will not be greatly shaken.

To know God’s love for us: John 17:26 – Jesus wants us to know that his love for us and Jesus himself can reside in us. And Psalms 32:10 that the unfailing love of God surrounds us who trust in him.