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Sharing the Gospel Using a Website

by Marilyn Adamson, director of EveryStudent.com and StartingwithGod.com

When you think of sharing the gospel with someone, what comes to your mind?

Maybe personal conversations, or inviting someone to church or a Bible study, or maybe to hear a speaker or concert?

These have one thing in common: they are all face-to-face approaches.

Then I come along and say, “You should use a Website! You should use EveryStudent.com!” And I often get blank stares.

And push-back.

“No, no…you see I talk to people. I get together with people over coffee. I like REAL conversations! I don’t want to send them to a Website. I want to personally be used by God in their lives!!”

For some people, personally sharing the gospel AND sending someone to EveryStudent.com is like oil and water for them. They don’t see how these can mix together. Well, here’s how…

Here are real conversations I’ve had with 3 different people recently.

PERSON #1 – Tom. We are seated next to each other on a 2-hour flight. Tom asks what I do. So I told him, “I direct a Website that seeks to answer peoples’ questions about life and God, from a Christian perspective. 10 million people went to the site last year.”

(YOU could say, “I am connected to a Website that seeks to answer people’s questions about life and God. 10 million people went to the site last year. It is in 37 languages.”) It’s a great conversation starter.

Tom started asking me all sorts of questions about God. I knew that I had a Website that could help him immensely.

It’s like knowing you have a car full of groceries and you just met a homeless person who is very hungry. I knew I had a Website that answered so many of the questions he was asking!

We talked freely about God the entire 2 hours on the flight. He told me about a friend who, for years, had been trying to persuade him to believe in Jesus.

Then, at the end of the flight I said, “Tom, you need to come to some conclusions. This site answers the very questions you are asking.” And I handed him a card with the site name on it. He was genuinely grateful.

PERSON #2 – Bob. We shared a taxi ride with others, from the airport to a city. Bob quickly identified himself an atheist. My friend in the taxi tried to engage him in some reasons to believe in God. As a former atheist, I knew that there was probably nothing my friend could say that would convince Bob in our 10-minute taxi ride (though God can do anything).

I listened to Bob’s objections about God. Then I asked him, “Would you be open to believing in God if you saw sufficient evidence?”

After he said yes, I said, “Then I’d like to challenge you to try something. Go to EveryStudent.com and sign up for a 7-email series called ‘The Spiritual Adventure Pack.'”

Again, I knew what was in those 7 emails. Each is delivered every 3 days. That meant, at Bob’s initiative, he was letting someone speak to him about God seven times over the course of 21 days. If he was open, God could speak to him. And if he had questions, he could email the site and someone will reply to him.

PERSON #3 – Cindy. I met Cindy while we were both running through the airport late for the same flight. Once we got to the gate we chatted a little. She asked what I did for an occupation. As I told her she immediately reached into her briefcase and pulled out a large Bible! She said, “I am a recovering alcoholic and a new Christian. I bought this Bible, but I have no idea what to do with it!”

We only had a few minutes to talk. I said, “Go to StartingwithGod.com, and sign up for ‘The Spiritual Starter Kit.’ (I wrote it out for her.) It will help you understand your new relationship with Jesus.”

This is how simple it is to have conversations with people AND use a Website to further the conversation, to further the opportunity for God to speak to them and accomplish his purposes in their lives.

Here are cards you can print and carry with you: http://www.everystudent.info/c/19-webpromo/business.html

On that page, as you scroll down, you’ll find a card that is mostly white with just an orange globe and “EveryStudent.com. It also includes mention of StartingwithGod.com for new believers. You can print it in 2-color, or just black and white. We tried to make it easy and inexpensive.

Print out some of these cards and be equipped for conversations God might lead you into! Remember…”I am connected to a Website that seeks to answer people’s greatest questions about life and God. More than 10 million people went to the site last year.”

Let’s make Jesus “findable” to others!