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God’s Guidance 3 - It Started with Twitter

by Marilyn Adamson, director of EveryStudent.com and StartingwithGod.com

God has been so amazingly clear in guiding me in his direction in my life. I made a list of over 10 different times God led me in huge ways. Crystal clear.

For now, I’m only going to share one more example. (I’m getting weary talking about myself.) Later on, I’ll try to hit a few more.

So, for now, just one more example of God’s guidance.

As director of EveryStudent.com, one of my objectives is to help our staff members in our Christian organization understand how to use a website in their personal evangelism.

A good friend of mine in our organization, named Nancy, thought it would be a great idea to come to Chicago for six weeks, to participate in a summer missions project that she was directing.

Well, I’m married and not living anywhere close to Chicago. Yet I wanted to test out ideas and strategies in a field setting. My husband agreed with the strategic opportunity this would be, so I agreed.

Soon after deciding this, I received a phone call from my son, in the middle of the work day.

(I had encouraged my son to pay attention to someone in the advertising field, named Perry Marshall. Visit Perry’s website, follow him on Twitter, etc. Perry is a world class expert in Google advertising and several other marketing approaches. People pay thousands of dollars to meet with him.)

Getting back to this story…my son called me saying, “Mom, Perry Marshall just asked a question on Twitter that you know the answer to. So hurry up and answer him, and mention something about EveryStudent.com!”

(Perry is also a Christian.)

I logged into Twitter. Perry was describing a book and asking if anyone knows the book title and author.

I said to my son, “I don’t know the answer to this!” He said, “Mom, you gave me this book for Christmas!”

So my son helped me with the title and author, and I added a note, “Perry, I loved your video on God’s existence.”

My icon on Twitter was not a picture of me. It was the logo for EveryStudent.com.

Perry immediately sends a message back: “We should talk about online faith conversations sometime.”

I was surprised Perry was at all familiar with EveryStudent.com! I knew that Perry lives in Chicago! So I messaged back:

“I’m going to be in Chicago for all of July and half of August. I would love to meet with you if that would be possible. Perhaps we should meet at the beginning of July, in case there is reason to meet a second time.” (I figured, might as well go for it!!)

Perry messaged back: July 2nd or 3rd, 3pm?

Perry thinks highly of EveryStudent.com and has helped me in so many ways over the years. That first meeting with him began my training in Google advertising, which has multiplied the reach of EveryStudent.com.

Perry also showed me the idea of writing email series, which I decided to apply to help new believers grow. And it just continued into email series like the Gospel of John and other email series we offer on this site.

It started with a book I gave my son at Christmas. An invitation to a summer missions project. Then a Twitter question. Then my son graciously calling me to answer, when he could have answered it himself. Then a meeting with Perry.

Isn’t God amazing how he figures it all out and rolls out his plan?