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God Brings People Our Way

by Marilyn Adamson, director of EveryStudent.com and StartingwithGod.com

I think God brings people for us to talk to…simply because we know how to help them!

For example, yesterday I was on a flight, sitting next to two young women. They had another long flight ahead of them–10 hours to London.

And, they were already bored. I could tell, because they were flipping through the airline magazine–always a sure sign.

As we were nearing our landing, I said to them, “I have an app that will make your next flight way more interesting.”

I pulled out my phone, clicked on the EveryStudent app. And I said, “This is a free app, and tiny in size…just 6 mgs. It takes on all the big questions of life, like purpose in life, why is life so hard, relationships, and it talks about God, evidence for God’s existence and such.

They said, “it sounds great!”

I said, “You’ll really like it. it’s super popular. More than 50,000 people a day go to its website. But the app you can read without wifi. So when you get into the airport to change planes, take a minute to download this app. Every Student. Here, let me give you a card to the website, to remind you. My email address is on the back. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Would you be willing to email me and tell me what you think of it?”

They said, “Sure!” I love that God might draw them to himself on their flight to London.

I’m not really assuming I’m going to talk to people about God, just because they are sitting next to me on a flight. However, many times, God seems to bring the conversation around to him, just while being kind and warm toward people.

On my next flight (same day), the woman sitting next to me encountered a traumatic accident, leading to shoulder surgery. Her arm was in a sling, so I was helping her with her jacket.

Even with her arm in a sling, she was flying across the country to help many family members whose homes were under 6 feet of water, along with their entire city. There’s more. While there, she’s hoping to convince her older sister to check into a rehab facility to beat her drug addiction.


I asked her how she was managing that much stress in her life. It was a very warm conversation, and she was very open with me.

Eventually she asked what I do. So, as usual, I said, “I am connected to a website that addresses questions people have about life and God. All the hard questions.”

I told her the site also gives evidence for God’s existence.

She said several times, “Oh my gosh. I can’t wait to see this site! It sounds great.” She told me her boyfriend is an atheist, but might be open to look at the site. I encouraged her to especially invite her boyfriend to sign up for the email series, “The Spiritual Adventure Pack.”

I find over and over again, just love people, care about them, and they open up. Eventually they’ll ask you a question. You can say, “I have a job in ___, but I’m also connected to a website that takes on all the hard questions about life and God.”

God will bring those people our way. We have a way to help them. No matter the stress in their lives, the emptiness, the challenges before them, we get to help them find out how they don’t have to go through life alone, without God.

We can help them find the Prince of Peace, the Good Shepherd who loves them and wants to care for them.