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Angry Atheists

by Marilyn Adamson, director of EveryStudent.com and StartingwithGod.com

Today someone sent an email to EveryStudent.com. (Many words are misspelled. I hope you can read it.)

“How is it faintly conceivable that people like you living in todays modern age are still so deeply steeped in superstition and tales of heresay of somebody who is not even hitorically mentioned just in some disillusioned “wishfull” desires to feel good.Are you so terrified of your own personal mortality that you have to resort to grandoise insane claims promisiing you everlasting life??Grow up children and step out of your fair tale dreams and get intellectualy educated or regress back to the dark ages where you actually belong.Stop poluting the minds of others with your delusions on the internet thinking you are actually saving souls being missionarys of gross ignorance.Go to school and get educated,Every word you uttered in your article can be rationally rebuffed by science.I prefer to KNOW NOT BELIEVE!!!PS Who gave you the right to the platform you are using on the web to display and disaminate your personal ignorance and wishfull feel good thinking publicly.”

Having been an atheist, I get why they sound that way. I totally get it! I can picture myself saying just about the same thing years ago, but in a less caustic way.

How do you answer someone like that?

I hope with respect. If they think God is completely “made up” then their views would be valid. Their outrage would be justified.

The person on our team who received this email asked me how to reply. I told her you might tell this person…

It’s very legitimate to be concerned about people putting their faith in fairytales. No one likes to be, or should be deceived. And faith in something based on little or no evidence certainly falls into that category.

On EveryStudent.com there is an email series written by a former atheist. It’s free, and if you’re curious what scientific and logical evidence led her to believe in God, you are welcome to get it. You’ll find it here: https://www.everystudent.com/reasons-to-believe.html

Our job isn’t to argue someone into the Kingdom. We offer them love, respect, and whatever we have that might help them see the possibility of a God who deeply loves them.

When you confront hostile atheists or others, you might invite them to sign up for that series. If you’ve never seen it, you are welcome to sign up for it yourself.