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Free Resources for Christian Growth

by Marilyn Adamson, director of EveryStudent.com and StartingwithGod.com

You might not know about all the email series that we offer. They’re all free.

And you are welcome to offer these to others, as God brings people your way.

Please don’t sign up someone else for them – they need to choose on their own. But you could tell them about it 🙂 Here you go…

THE SPIRITUAL ADVENTURE PACK – For those who are not sure God exists. They might wonder how a person even arrives at faith in God. This series takes them through the logic and facts that lead to Jesus.

THE SPIRITUAL STARTER KIT – To help a new believer understand their new relationship with God. It explains what is true with Jesus in their life. It talks about God’s love, his faithfulness, how he drew them to himself, why their relationship with God is eternal.

SKIP THE STRESS – To avoid the false idea that we can/should be the perfect Christian for God. Understand how to trust God, rest under his grace, be led by the Holy Spirit. It explains what to do with sin, and how God says we can experience his peace and joy.

THE GOSPEL OF JOHN – An opportunity to see what God reveals about himself, to know Jesus better, and to begin a habit of noticing what Scripture says. It takes someone through most of the Gospel of John, in small steps. It is written for those who do not yet know Jesus and those who do.

HOW TO TALK ABOUT GOD – A variety of ways to make Jesus “findable.” It covers ideas you can act on by yourself, or with others, or for your church. You’ll see ideas you can use in conversations and in Facebook/Twitter or your blog. Typically builds people’s faith, because they can now picture what to do!

THE FINDABLES – For those who want to help make Jesus “findable” to thousands or millions. It is a community of faith in God who take action as he leads.

Thanks!! These are all free, always. Offer them widely, as God leads.

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