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Listen to the Right Voice

by Marilyn Adamson, director of EveryStudent.com and StartingwithGod.com

As a believer, it is super easy to get discouraged.

We can feel like we’re failing God. We keep struggling with the same sin. Or we begin to doubt God’s love.

All sorts of negative, condemning thoughts can pour into our minds. I want you to know how to battle these thoughts, because they are often not from God.

When God is speaking, when God points out sin in our lives, he does so tenderly. He leads us to himself, who is our sanctification. He is the one who changes us. He draws us to himself. The Holy Spirit inside of us leads us to confess, to look to God for change, thankful that God can do it. When God is speaking to us, it often leads to greater intimacy with God.

However, when self-critical, self-hatred, condemning thoughts come to us, they are often from Satan. They lead us to hide from God, be independent from God, and look to our own ability to “be better.”

I want you to live under God’s freedom and grace. This article shows you how to notice Satan’s lies and how to combat them. It’s titled, “Why We Don’t Have to Listen to Satan.” Here it is: